Why We Do What We Do


Why we do what we do: We believe in the inherent potential of people and systems to metamorph themselves given the right environment. We believe that by creating processing spaces for them to make unusual links between what is working currently and the fringes of new paradigms we discover new options, opportunities and openness to grow. We believe in the universal woundedness of the human condition and the only way to generate energy, hope and vitality is to serve mankind from a wounded healer position – if we bind our own wounds carefully, celebrate what is right with us and the world; we will be ready to bind the wounds of others, and solve new riddles when the time arises.

What we do: We diagnose, design, develop and deliver fresh, simple and researched based behavioural solutions within working systems. These interventions speed up strategy translation and traction across the organisational behavioural spectrum. We are a group of organisational and consumer psychologists and partner with UNISA’s Bureau of Market Research in our research endeavors. We love doing quantitative and qualitative behavioural research. We think we are good at it and it informs the solutions we build and implement.

How we do it: Our engagement with you is to provide fresh processing spaces to think about problems and ambiguities and usually involves organisational and consumer research projects. This process provides solutions that are fresh, talk to your existing systems, are implemented meticulously, return on investment is measured and can be applied across the organisation. We consult at the top, work with the whole system; and then implement at the bottom with projects that have strategic impact.